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Frequently asked questions – Rib Club Global

Below are some questions that have been frequently asked about some of the services we offer such as Boating and Sailing in Menorca.

Q. Who is responsible for the cost of re-fuelling and cleaning the boat?

A. The cost of refuelling the boat is down to the member, however the rib club will refuel the boat for you and take care of the cleaning. The fuel bill has to be paid within 24 hours.

Q. What can I use the Rib for?

A. RIBs are the all round versatile boats. Where it is a trip to your favourite beach for a picnic or a cruise around the uninhabited coastline. These boats will not let you down. They are also perfect for evening cruises and water sports of all kinds.

Q. How many people can the Rib have on it safely?

A. The maximum amount of people depends on how the boat is coded. On this basis it will be 8 persons including skipper

Q. What happens if the boat is damaged and out of service?

A. The Rib Club Menorca deals with any damage, while a replacement boat is left with the member. If a Rib is not available extra points will be given out in compensation.

Q. What happens if the weather is bad?

A. One thing we are powerless at is controlling the weather and unfortunately cannot be held responsible for weather conditions. Should the representative of The Rib Club Global, who is extremely experienced and has a great deal of local knowledge, make the decision not to allow the boats to leave the moorings on a particular day, his decision is final and absolute. We will accommodate you as best as possible in any which way we can including a refund of points