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Enjoy Mallorca & Menorca’s beautiful coastlines with affordable, hassle-free boating

How Rib Club Global can work for you… Whoever & Wherever you are!

Rib Club Global is a members’ based boating club for those who wish for an alternative to renting or buying a boat.

The system is simple, from as little as £1,799 per year you can join the club and use any boat in any of our locations. Membership levels are allocated points, these points are then exchanged for days in one of our RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats).

Membership levels vary and which level is right for you depends upon personal circumstances such as, the amount of time spent in the locations, how many family members wish to be involved in the club and how much boating per year you wish to do.

Below you will find the pricing for each location, along with the points value of each RIB.

Products & Pricing

  • Platinum PLUS Membership – 1700 Points = £4,999*
  • Platinum Membership – 1200 Points = £3,999
  • Gold PLUS Membership – 900 Points =£3,299*
  • Gold Membership – 600 Points =£2,499*
  • Silver Membership – 400 Points =£1,799*

*All Prices inclusive of IVA

There is a simple booking procedure and most importantly due to a strict limitation of members per boat, they very rarely are all reserved even in the peak season, so decisions can be made that morning.

The seasons are as follows:

Day Trips Tiger 650 (7m) Zodiac 600 (6m) Tiger 850TL Cabin (8.5m) Zodiac N-ZO 700 Cabin (7m) Cayman 23 Sport Touring (7m)
July and August 110 Points 110 Points 179 Points 145 Points 179 Points
Any other month 66 Points 66 Points 109 Points 89 Points 89 Points

Rib Club Flexibility:

Don’t Worry if the sea isn’t calm enough for you – Let us know by 0800 the morning you have booked and it can be cancelled with no penalties.

Points last for one full year from join date.

You never lose out even if you don’t use all your points during your membership; by simply rejoining your points roll on to the next year for you to enjoy.

Points are awarded back to members who refuel and “put the boat to bed” correctly.

On this basis it is first come, first serve, so get joining and definitely get booking!!!

*Pricing is dependent on local costs of the rib club location and are inclusive of IVA