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Enjoy Mallorca & Menorca’s beautiful coastlines with affordable, hassle-free boating

Real Life Experiences – What are you waiting for?… JOIN IN THE FUN!

We have come up with some scenarios to show the versatility of Rib Club Global. They are based on real life members at one of our existing locations.

Scenario 1

A family with 2 children who have an apartment and have always heard of the beauty Menorca has to offer by water. They have decided to join The Rib Club Menorca with no prior experience to find out for themselves.

They find this the perfect solution to step into the world of boating as a family without having the responsibility of owning a boat and all that comes with it.

They spend 2 weeks During July & August, and 4 days in June.

  • 3 x days in June = 198 points
  • 4 x days in July = 440 Points
  • 5 x days in August = 550 Points

Total points: 1,188

1,188 points used without any hassle or nightmares.

Scenario 2

This family have been coming to the island for years and whilst owning a boat in the past are now looking for a solution that fits their present lifestyle. Having the use of a boat on those calm days or when friends and relatives are staying with them for a week or so. Everyone benefits from the enjoyment and fun and nothing past that matters.

They spend 1 month during July and August, 7 days at the end of June, 4 days at the beginning of May and a week at the end of September.

  • 1 x days in May = 66 Points
  • 2 x day in June = 132 Points
  • 3 x days in July = 330 Points
  • 4 x days in August = 440 Points
  • 3 x days in September = 198 Points

Total points: 1,166

Total = 1,166 points used and still more towards next year.

Scenario 3

This couple are residents on the island of Mallorca, and have only admired the magnificent coastline and what’s beyond. Rib Club Global was perfect for them as there was no capital outlay or expenses after that. Knowing the island as they do, they are at their favourite beach in 10 minutes sipping a beer with their friends. Next year the two couples are going to join as one member to keep that cost even lower!

  • 3 x days in May = 198 Points
  • 5 x days in June = 330 Points
  • 1 x day in July = 110 Points
  • 2 x day in August = 220 Points
  • 5 x days in Sept = 330 Points

Total points: 1,188

Total = 1,188 points used.  16 days on the sea and still points to use.  Additional points can be purchased on request!!

Please remember the yearly subscription is a one off payment, which means you get the full enjoyment of boating to suit your agenda and then you can walk away without the hassle.

Please note, our gold membership is perfect for a 2 week holidays in July and August.  Nearly Six days boating!!!