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Enjoy Mallorca & Menorca’s beautiful coastlines with affordable, hassle-free boating

Terms and Conditions

  1. This contract is entered into with The Rib Club Global Limited (“Rib Club”), Company Number 8709976 the provider of all services hereby contracted for.
  2. All details completed by the client on the Booking form overleaf must be factual and proof may be required to substantiate any declaration made. We reserve the right to cancel any membership should a false declaration be made.
  3. By a member taking the boat off the mooring, it confirms the propeller of the engine if in perfect order to work, and the member will be held liable for a new propeller if damaged, as this is not covered by insurance.
  4. RIBs will always be completely full of fuel prior to the member embarking. Members are expected to disembark the RIBs fully fuelled aswell – if for some reason a RIB is not full when the member arrives, they must inform one of the team prior to leaving the mooring. Any fuel discrepency cannot be rectified after this and the member will be expected to pay.
  5. ALL MEMBERS are required to carry a valid skipper’s license with them at all times whilst on the boats. Failure to bring your license with you could result in your day being cancelled with no refund.
  6. Each member agrees to give a 2 month notice period if they decide they would like to leave the club. Minimum Contract term is a 12 month period.
  7. A member agrees to leave a 500 Euro insurance security deposit to cover any accidental damage. This can be refunded when a membership lapses if in line with these terms and conditions and the said 2 month notice is given.
  8. A member agrees to cover all damage through negligence and misconduct of the Rib Club Global Limited rules.
  9. If it has been pre-agreed for one of the RIB Club Team to refuel a members boat the following morning, the said member agrees to pay the 30 Euro Service charge.
  10. When refueling members agree to fuel the boats FULL TO THE BRIM. Failure to do so, could result in a 100 POINT PENALTY ON TOP OF THE ADDITIONAL FUEL COST.
  11. Any damage that is covered by insurance will be subject to the member paying the excess.
  12. The member or other declared qualified certificate boat handler must be on board the vessel concerned at all times. No unqualified or inexperienced person is to drive the boat at any time.
  13. No reckless or careless driving will be tolerated and any breach of local laws or any guidelines laid down by the representative of Rib Club may result in the termination of the use of the boat for the remaining period of the membership. No compensation or refund will be made or considered.
  14. Members use the bimini’s on the Tiger Rib’s while in motion at their own risk. Any loss or damage to the biminis will be charged to the member. Our other brands of RIBs cannot be used with biminis up.
  15. Whilst the boats have allocated moorings available for them free of charge, the boats may be moored in other locations. At no time during the hours of darkness are the boats to be under way or anchored off at any location, apart from the designated Rib Club Global berths. Failure to adhere to this stipulation voids our insurance and your membership. Should this not be possible through mechanical failure or inclement weather conditions, telephone contact must be made to inform The Rib Club and to allow them to take necessary remedial action. We would ask members to give us a full itinerary of the planned trip day or evening.
  16. RIB Club Global reserves the right to move boats around the various moorings and locations as they see fit.
  17. Despite the necessary Terms and Conditions as laid out above, we hope that you make full use of your Rib Club Global Membership but we cannot be held responsible for weather conditions. Should the representative of The Rib Club Global, who is extremely experienced and has a great deal of local knowledge, make the decision not to allow the boats to leave the moorings on a particular day, his decision is final and absolute. Your points will be fully reimbursed.
  18. Even though Rib Club Global Members can use their points in various locations, this is subject to availability and may include a surcharge in some locations.
  19. RIB Club Global reserves the right to terminate memberships at any time during the membership period.
  20. We cannot be held responsible for the actions of third parties whilst you are on using Rib Club Global Crafts.
  21. Smoking is not permitted on any of our boats.
  22. Storage is limited on the Ribs so please bring soft bags.
  23. All disputes will be conducted under local law.
  24. Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time.

Returns, Refunds & Cancellations

  1. Members have 7 days to cancel their member, unless some of their points have already been exchanged for use of Rib Club Global Crafts. In this instance, membership is non-refundable.
  2. Members who pay for the membership on a quarterly basis, cannot use points for the following quarter in advance. For the avoidance of doubt, all points used must be paid for in advance.
  3. All memberships renew automatically. Cancellation needs to be in writing and with 60 days’ notice.